ZXR 750

by / Aug 13, 2020
ZXR 750

Stunning, fast, bat-droppings-crazy, Kawa's ZXR750 (ZX-7 in the U.S.) was every 12-year-old's dream sports bike. As green as the Hulk, but way less predictable, it looked fast even when standing still in that iconic green-blue-white livery. 

Best paint job on a sports bike ever? 

For many of us, Kawasaki's ZXR750 (or ZX-7 in the U.S.) is a motorcycling icon. One of the best-looking, most exciting sports bikes ever made. When it came out some 30 years ago, there was nothing quite like it - and there still isn't. The sheer aggressiveness of its race track genes, combined with what might be the best-looking paint job in any bike ever (at least from a 12-year-old's standpoint) made the ZXR look fast even when standing still. Designed with the homologation rules of Superbike racing in mind, the result was a sports bike equipped with as much trick kit as they could for the relatively low asking price. Finally, in 1993, Scott Russel won the Superbike World Championship on a Ninja. In keeping with Kawa's two-stroke machines heritage, the ZXR750 was an untamed beast with a wild and charismatic temperament.- the Hulk if the Hulk was always in beast mode.

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